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How does it work?

Companies need information about customers in order to sell them products. This information is so crucial to the success of companies such as Ford, Coca-Cola, Sears and many more that they are willing to pay for it. Market research firms gather information regarding consumer opinions on particular products and companies pay a lot of money to market research firms to provide them with this information.

This is where you, the panelist play your role. When you sign up as a panelist, major companies pay you for your opinions on their products. So what do you do next? Follow the steps below or you can fill out our form on the right side of the page and see if you qualify for access to our complete list of marketing companies.


Step 1: Fill Out the Form on the Right of the Page.

We understand this industry well and we can tell you that in order to make money as a panelist, you need to know which surveys are worth while in both payment, prizes and fun. Your registration with us comes at no cost and we will never charge you for access to our database.

Once you register with us and you have been accepted as a Panelist, we will give you access to our complete list of marketing companies and also send you occasional emails that will offer you helpful tips on how to enjoy being a panelist, be efficient with your time on your computer and make extra money.

Step 2: Fill Out the Surveys.

You should be as thorough as possible when filling out surveys. Market research companies need accurate details and opinions in order to help them improve market and advertising to their customers. And even more important, when market research companies see you as a valuable panelist, they will send you higher quality surveys that may offer you more money.

Step 3: Get Paid.

You will receive checks, gift cards or have money sent directly to your PayPal account from filling out the surveys arriving in your inbox. There are also many prizes you can win. Don't miss these opportunities as well. Many companies can offer you a prize or product with a much higher value than they could pay you in cash because they manufacture the product themselves. In some cases, you would probably rather receive a popular electronic than make $20 or $30.

Motivated Panelists should set a goal to sign up for all 10 of the market research companies that we give you access to after registering.  Remember, the more research companies you register with, the more surveys that will show up in your inbox and the more opportunities you will have to earn more cash and prizes.

So, after getting this far and if you are still interested in becoming a quality member of our Panelist Program, register by filling out the form on the right.  We will get back to you right away with our decision on your application to our program.




There is no cost to you and you'll have access to the most reputable research companies out there.  Fill out the form below.  We'll contact you for an interview and consider your for our Panelist Program.


You get paid directly by check, PayPal or gift cards like Visa or Amazon.


Well honestly, companies find the opinions that you give them in surveys so important that they pay us to find quality panelists to fill out their surveys.


There are no risks taking surveys with any of the companies that we list.  Your information is kept confidential and secure with us and with the market research companies we work with.


Fill out the form above and if we accept you into our Panelist Program, we'll start sending you market research companies to register with today.


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